The African Family Safari is a Fun and Memorable Experience

Families who enjoy watching the Lion King might discover that planning an African family safari might just be the adventure of a lifetime for the whole clan. There are many African safari travel companies that will not include children on safaris, but there are other companies that actually cater to family groups and encourage them to consider safari holidays for their special vacation times.

Some of the family-friendly services that are offered by African desert safari tour companies are baby-sitting, special menus to appeal to the kids, and specially trained guides for the family. Some family safaris will even make arrangements to have special children’s activities, such as a bush treasure hunt, African-inspired crafts like bead-making, or bedtime stories told by authentic African storytellers.

Many parents have a concern about taking their kids into areas where they might get malaria or other illnesses. Limiting the family safari to some of the game reserves in South Africa is one option to address those concerns. Another possibility is to undertake a self-drive safari through some of the areas of Namibia as well as South Africa. You will find roads in good shape and can enjoy a more leisurely pace, rather than having an itinerary to follow.

One of the challenges that parents might encounter during a safari is convincing a youngster, who loves to cuddle up with his favorite stuffed lion at home, that the mother lion preening her cubs cannot be petted or even approached. This can be one of the more difficult things to get across, especially for children who have never been on wildlife safaris.

Even with the challenges that are bound to come up, a safari for families is not only possible, but also great fun. As long as family wildlife safaris are undertaken safely and are conducted under the watchful supervision of an experienced safari guide, who knows how to handle and cater to the children in the group, they can be an experience that will provide lifelong memories.

Many parents who have never considered taking African safari holidays with their children in tow might be surprised to learn that family safaris are one of the most popular types of vacations for children, from the ages of four to eighteen. There are many African safari tour operators, African tourist bureaus, and adventuresome parents who have successfully undertaken various Africa safaris with their children and claim that is was the experience of a lifetime for the entire family.

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